Mrs. Sheetal Kothari


Sheetal Kothari is one of the non Medical Directors Of Apex Kidney Care. She Oversees the Accounts and H R Departments At AKC, Along with being a fulltime Mom For Jash And Natasha. She is a Nature Lover and Has keen Interest in Cooking, Gardening and Reading. She loves to Travel to New Places all over the World and believes in living life to the fullest. Easy going and fun loving, She is an asset to AKC. and strongly believes in the Core Values, Vision and Mission Of AKC. She continues to be a huge support to her husband, Dr Jatin Kothari for all activities of the Apex Kidney Foundation. Humility and Sincerity are her Attributes which makes her the most approachable Director in the Organisation.She believes that if you do good to everyone, You will always be Happy and Successful In Life.