Mr. Rupen Kothari


Mr Rupen Kothari has been the financial backbone for Apex Kidney Care since its inception in December 2007.

He was born out of a middle class family from Palanpur, Gujarat.

He was the youngest of 5 siblings and studied up to 10th grade. He wanted to go to college but because of financial constraints, was pushed into the family business in the diamond industry.
He started his business career as a partner of D Navinchandra and Co for almost 40 years which was amongst the top business companies in the diamond industry across the globe.

He currently is the Managing Director of Inter Jewel with offices in all parts of the world including Antwerp, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

He has travelled worldwide for business, pleasure and medical treatments and always felt the need of high quality medical treatment to be made available in India at an affordable cost.

With a will to contribute to society and his motherland, he got together with 5 nephrologists (kidney specialists) from Mumbai and set up Apex Kidney Care (AKC) and Apex Kidney Foundation (AKF) which is striving to make a difference in India by providing the best possible kidney care at a cost affordable to the common man.

His message to the masses through these initiatives is 'You Deserve Better'and AKC and AKF will give you what you need and deserve at an affordable cost.